VWG Track Day

About Blyton Park

Conceived as a fast, challenging but ultimately forgiving circuit, Blyton Park offers an unrivaled opportunity for drivers of all levels to practice car control in a safe and friendly environment.

With very little armco, barriers, banks and pit walls, our flowing track plays host to multiple motorsport events, driving experiences, track days, manufacturer testing and much more.


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Blyton Park Car Track Days

All vehicles must comply to the strict noise limit of 95db(A), which is only measured by drive -by monitoring equipment. Please ensure that your car is in suitable condition for circuit driving and to MOT standard. Cars fitted with slick tyres are permitted. In the event of a car failing drive by sound check you will be removed from circuit. You must bring full driving licence and wear long sleeves and long trousers. Your car must be either road legal or be in a safe condition.


Terms & Conditions


lease read the below terms and conditions carefully before making payment;
  • Drivers must have a valid UK driving License.
  • Drivers must make sure their vehicle is in a safe condition.
  • Drivers are responsible for any damage to the car, track or anything else
  • VWG and PFC take no responsibility for injury or damage on the day.
  • Drivers must fill in an indemnity form on the day.
  • Passengers are allowed (1 in the car at a time)
  • Passengers also have to fill in an indemnity form on the day.
  • Drivers have 1 free passenger pass any more passengers must pay an extra £10 on the day subject to availability.
  • Drivers and passengers must have crash helmet (Limited Amount Helmets can be Hired for £15 each from Blyton Park Direct) however if you do not bring your own helmet and all rentals are being rented this is not VWG, PFC, Blyton Parks problem 
  • If you can not get a helmet you will not be able to go out on track and no refund will be issued, you have been warned. (PLEASE TRY AND BRING YOUR OWN)
  • Drivers and passengers must wear seatbelts at all time when on track.
  • Noise limit which is set at 95db on a drive by.
  • Drivers, passengers and staff must attend a drivers briefing before the track opens.
  • Photos will be taken throughout the day for use on social media, magazines and so on.
  • Spectators have 2 designated areas they can watch from.
  • VWG, PFC, Blyton Park staff have the right to remove anyone from the event in case of dangerous driving or antisocial behaviour .
  • VWG, PFC, Blyton Park staff have the right to make any changes to the event at any point.
  • VWG, PFC will have 2 official photographers who must sign on and have their own insurance cover (Blyton Park will explain where they can go on the day)
  • If a driver wishes to cancel his booking and admin charge of £15 will deducted from the £140.00 refund.
  • If a driver fails to turn up on the day for whatever reason no refund will be issued.
  • VWG, PFC have the right to cancel the event should we not make the numbers – Full Refunds will be issued.
This is down to being the first track day VWG Magazine and PFC Magazine have run and Blyton Park being fully booked, if this event is successful we will look at running two separate days for VWG and PFC