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VWG Magazine 2nd Trackday even bigger than last years!

On the 10th of October 2021 we once again hosted our highly recommended VWG Magazine Trackday at Blyton Park, and this year was even better and bigger than last years.

This year we wanted to make sure our Trackday was even bigger than last years and it's safe to say we achieve this, with the track being full of great looking Volkswagen group cars from classic to modern, standard to full blown race car we had a bit of everything on Blyton Parks great circuit.

We also even had Darkside Developments, the specialist in VAG diesel tuning with us this year who somewhat dominated the paddock with over 11 great cars all out on track. Check out the gallery below to see a few of them.

If you want to know more about Darkside Devlopments you can find them on our partnerts page by clicking here

New to the VWG Magazine Trackday we also invited our friends from the "Classic VW Owners Club" to join us this year, who turned up with a few more cars than we originally expected. We also managed to get CVWOC out on track for a few parade laps during dinner time. We have posted a few photos of the CVWOC below.

We also gave "Classic VW Owners Club" a prize to hand out on the day for "the peoples car" thanks to Playmobil and their great range of officially licenced VW models.

The winner of this was Nick Kirk and his stunning MK2! (Left side)

It also turned out that the owner of the Classic VW Owners Club, Lee Walmsley has never taken his awesome MK1 out on track, so we offered him the chance to pop his trackday cherry and he did just that.

He did extremely well for his first time out on track, just work on those racing lines Lee! We think we have also given him the trackday bug as he is now fully stripping his MK1 out.

If you like classic VW or even own one we suggest you join their club, they are a great bunch of people and are what we think a owners club should be. -